Kill Switch enables your phone to automatically reconnect always to our VPN servers whenever the connection falls/ you switch wifis.

Allthough we have made sure to get you the best tech, sometimes the killSwitch may not working according to your phone settings or if you perform multiple screen locks/unlocks.

If this is the case, do not worry, just follow these instructions to get back on top!

Go to your phone Settings -> VPN -> Press the Info button over "Hotspot+VPN XXXX Configuration", where XXXX could be "Ikev2" or "IPSec", and finally make sure the connect on demand is turned on (green light).

If you still encounter problems please turn on and off the "Connect on Demand" switch, if problems still persist, you may want to reboot your phone.

Finally, you can try and delete the VPN configuration profiles if you still haven't solved the issue: when you connect again Hotspot+VPN App will make sure to reconfigure them :)