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Privacy First

The only VPN just for iOS: works on iPhone/iPad everywhere around the globe.
Make sure to fly with the Eagle!

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Because Privacy is a Right

We believe that everyone who surfs the internet should have the right not to be tracked whatsoever.
Why bother being tracked by geo-ip, cache/cookies of previous interests and searches.
Eliminate all that pain in one tap and forget about all those evil tracking systems.
Our special international network of servers will protect you.

Get our Service for Free

Yes, we believe early-bird customers should get our service for Free.
This means we will be paying for you for the first 30 days (at least) as long as the App stays on Testflight (that means we actually pay around 30$ per month for you to use our App).
Spots are limited, so hurry, go get it!

"V" for Private Network

You can bet your shoulders will always be covered while surfing/streaming/torrenting/downloading.
With over 3 protocols and a gazillion types of servers, Incognito will be your Temple.


We are the only VPN providing you with just One tap instant access to over 41 internet locations.
Yes we got you covered in over 41 countries, even in the most unknown (yes, even where there is only DIAL-UP)

Unparalled Growth

We are the fastest growing VPN worldwide
We are constantly improving our services and expanding our App to make sure all your device will connect flawlessly

Streaming and Browsing

Our VPN Protocols will make sure your streaming and browsing never fails.
We constantly test our services for browsing and Netflix, Hulu, Sky and other such services

Enjoy Internet Anywhere

You can use our App whenever, wherever you are, the Eagle will always make sure to connect you to your preferred location.

What is it people love about Hotspot + VPN?

  • "Finally a VPN that works everywhere I go. Servers connect fast and I could even watch Netflix without problems!"

    Austin H.
    Austin H. from United States February 29, 2019
  • "I go to China and other eastern countries often, which ban all sites. This App makes it so simple to unlock websites and you can even navigate within their browser"

    Brandon G.
    Brandon G. from India February 01, 2019
  • "Ok, so all my friends were recommending me to try this new App. Gosh, I can only say they have so many servers it's sick. I can watch all my favourite series on the "N" now :)"

    Veronica L.
    Veronica L. From United Kingdom February 17, 2019